Themes in Search of a Movie
(Ensemble and Solo Piano)


from the liner notes:

I have always found films to be a source of
exceptionally moving and creative music. I am,
therefore, very pleased when someone says of one
of my pieces, "That sounds like it should be in a
movie." This album is a collection of compositions
which receive this type of reaction and also create
especially vivid images for me.

Sandy Owen: Piano
Brent McMunn: Oboe and English Horn
Ted Owen: Percussion
Paul Carman: Soprano and Tenor Saxophones
Steve Crum: Fluegelhorn
Marston Smith: Cello

(click on underlined titles to listen to sample)

1. Victory Theme
(piano, soprano sax, fluegelhorn, percussion)
2. Beyond the North Wind
(piano, oboe)
3. Morning
(solo piano)
4. Traveling
(piano, oboe, percussion)
5. Shadows
(solo piano)
6. Reflections of a Detective, 3:00am
(piano, tenor sax, percussion)
7. La Vida
(piano, soprano sax, percussion)
8. Oriental Rain
(piano, english horn)
9. Remembrance
(solo piano)
10. Springtime
(piano, english horn, cello)


released in 1985 by Ivory Records
on the following media:
LP (IR9187)
Cassette (IRC9187)

released in 1987 by Ivory Records
on the following media:
CD (IRD9187)

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