Night Rhythms
featuring Paul Carman

  The basic concept of the Night Rhythms album
was to have the music evolve in the studio,
unlike my usual approach of having the tunes
generally worked out ahead of time and using
the studio simply to execute those ideas. Paul,
being a musician, recording engineer and friend
was the perfect person to do this with. This also
marked the first time since my days with
of adding electric piano and electronic keyboards
as well as my first time singing (on our cover
of Jon Mark's classic
"The City").

(click on underlined titles to listen to sample)

1. The City
(vocals, electric piano, soprano sax, percussion)
2. After Hours
(piano, soprano sax, electronic keyboards, percussion)
3. Back Home
(piano, soprano sax, percussion)
4. Peacock's Dance (On the Rhodes Again)
(electric piano, clarinet, electronic keyboards, percussion)
5. Freeway Fantasy #4
(guitar, electronic keyboards, soprano sax, percussion)

6. 4:00am

(guitar, soprano sax, drums)

7. He Belongs

(grand piano)

8. A Hug from a Friend

(grand piano)

9. Judea's Dream

(electric piano)

10. One Summer

(grand piano)

11. First Light

(guitar, clarinet)


Sandy Owen:
grand piano, electric piano, guitar,
electonic keyboards, vocals and percussion

Paul Carman:
soprano saxaphone, clarinet and percussion

Tom Ravel:


released in 1989 by Ivory Records
on the following media:
CD (IRD9190)
Cassette (IRC9190)

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