montage: an artistic composite of several associated elements

Sandy Owen: piano
Marston Smith: cello
Paul Carman: soprano and alto saxophones
Brent McMunn: oboe
Ted Owen: percussion

(click on underlined titles to listen to sample)

1. Waves
(piano, soprano sax, percussion)
2. Snowfall
(piano, cello, oboe)
3. Distances
(piano, cello, soprano sax)
4. A Farewell
(piano, cello, oboe)
5. Echoes
(piano, cello)
6. Song of the Hills
(piano, oboe, cello)
7. The Sparkle
(piano, alto sax, percussion)
8. New Directions
(piano, soprano sax, percussion)
9. A Minor Movement
(piano, soprano sax, cello, percussion)


released in 1984 by Ivory Records
on the following media:
LP (IR9184)
Cassette (IRC9184)

released in 1987 by Ivory Records
on the following media:
CD (IRD9184)

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