Heart Crossings
(Solo Piano and Ensemble)


From the liner notes:

Sometimes we sense a change of direction taking place in our life; perionds often marked by feelings of excitement, fear, struggle and joy. Always a friend, the piano became a special companion for me during such a time, and this album represents some of the music we discovered together.

Sandy Owen: piano, guitar, percussion (shakers, claves, tambourine, cymbals with hair brush)
Paul Carman: soprano saxophone
Brent McMunn: oboe
Steve Crum: fluegelhorn

(click on underlined titles to listen to sample)

1. Caribbean Nights
2. Robbie the Rabbit
3. A Touch of Salsa
4. Into the Wind
5. Slow Dance at Midnight
6. Dreams
7. A Late Night Conversation
8. Heart Crossings I - Passage
9. Heart Crossings II - Release
10. Alaskan Memories
11. A Gentle Breeze (CD and Cassette only)
12. Friends Remembered


released in 1988 by Ivory Records
on the following media:

CD (IRD9189)
Cassette (IRC9189)
LP (IR9189)

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