gioia (Italian): "joy-a"
1. joy 2. happiness

This collection probably has the most variety of any of
my solo albums. There are some solos and small ensembles,
but it generally has a bit more of a "band" feel, and more
electronics. There are some slow and moody tracks but it
has more total energy than any of my albums except
Boogie Woogie Rhythm and Blues.

from the liner notes:
This album represents my return to recording after
an absence of several years. Although I continued
to write and play music during that time, the most
significant occurance in my life was the creation and
evolution of my amazing family. This recording
represents their efforts and sacrifices as well as mine.


(click on underlined titles to listen to sample)

1. Renewal (intro)
(alto sax)
2. gioia
(electronic keyboards, percussion)
3. What You've Done
(vocals, electronic keyboards,
alto sax, drums)

4. Tuolumne Calls

(grand piano, electronic keyboards
oboe, tenor sax, percussion)

5. C-Thing
(grand piano, electronic keyboards
flute, drums)

6. Somewhere

(grand piano, soprano sax)
7. I Know It

(vocals, grand piano, electronic keyboards,
alto sax, drums)

8. Third Stone from the Sun

(grand piano, electronic keyboards,
alto sax, trumpet, percussion)

9. Laura's Birthday
(grand piano)
10. Remembrance

(electronic keyboard)
11. Lolita
(grand piano, electronic keyboards,
alto sax, drums, percussion)

12. Renewal

(grand piano, electronic keyboards,
alto sax, drums)


Sandy Owen
grand piano, electronic keyboards,
percussion and lead vocals

Paul Carman
soprano, alto and tenor saxophones

Ted Owen
drums and percussion

Steve Crum

Penny Watson Crum
background vocals

Tom Evans
oboe and flute

Tom Ravel
drums on Renewal


released in 1996 by Ivory Records
on the following media:
CD (IRD9192)

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